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Satellite Tracking

For tracking objects in space I use the current version of the Logsat tracking program. I have found this program to work the best for me.  

bulletLogsat Program 

Another program that is very popular is WXtrack.  It can be found at the following link

bullet WXtrack tracking program


Two-Line Elements

The two-line elements that are required to keep your tracking up to date can be found at the following links.

bulletCelestial WWW
bullet CelesTrak, Current NORAD two-line elements sets
bullet T. Kelso NORAD two-line element sets


An alternative to programs

If you wish to do some tracking and don't wish to load a program to get pass times or view passes try a couple of the following links.

bullet J-Track Satellite Tracking 
bullet J-Track Spacecraft Real Time Tracking
bulletSat Passes Prediction Form


Lift-Off of the Space Shuttle


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