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Welcome to my Web site!

The site is under major construction.  Only portions have been worked but I will continue to post and update as I go so check back. A lot of things are still from the template but I will get to it.

To see my other WEB Sites;     MOPAR383      PAC-12

My 1971 Dodge SuperBee

Las Vegas Links


For more information on MOPARS go to  my other MOPAR383 website. Click on the spinning Bee 

For links to local Las Vegas auto racing, casino hotels, media and food.

Mopars of Las Vegas

Communities & Forums

Mopars of Las Vegas is your local car club dedicated to the preservation, restoration of cars produced by Chrysler: Dodge-Plymouth-Chrysler-Desoto-Vipers-Prowlers to the muscle car
bullet Radio Shack RO-95 Scanner Newsgroup
bullet Uniden SC-200 Scanner Newsgroup
bullet KZ1000 Police Motorcycle Newsgroup

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